Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds, can produce the most beautiful edge work you can only imagine. Our in house glass machinery produces a perfect glass edge. These machines give us the ability to provide our customers glass and mirrors (each and every one) with beautiful polished edges at no additional cost. The fine edge is just simply “who we are.”

We offer both annealed (non-tempered), tempered and safety laminated glass products. Glass comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

If you’re looking to replace a single pane window, a broken picture frame, replace a fogged window, looking glass shelves or just need glass to protect your wooden table tops, just give us a call.

We also manufacture and produce fine mitered windows. We have our own engineering reports that come under the buildings codes for your community.

With well over 50 possible patterns, we’re your glass source.

Our On-Site Glass Tempering machinery lets us make the perfect tempered glass faster than any other glass company.


Picture of Framed Mirror in Bathroom.

Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds, has produced thousands of beautiful mirrors. Our in house glass edging and beveling machinery enables us to be quite frankly “who we are.”

Our understanding of mirror needs and installation has always put us a “cut above” from the others in the industry. When you get a mirror from us it automatically comes with a fine machine polished edge at no additional cost.

We have installed so many custom designed mirrors it is hard to show pictures of all of them. If you’re looking to replace a mirror, obtain new vanity mirrors, create a mirror wall, need work-out room mirrors, mirror under kitchen cabinets and the list goes on… then just call us for a free estimate.

We also provide an easy way to add a variety of beautiful frames over your existing mirror, provide mirror beveled strips, an array of decorative mirror plates and just about anything else you might want concerning mirrors. Even if you need custom angle cutting of you need a mirror to be produced out of square, remember we are professionals and we can handle your needs.

Bath Accessories

Bathroom towel bar and faucet.

Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds can provide bath accessories for your home or office. Moen’s slogan of “Buy if for looks, buy if for life,” gives credibility not only to the product but to the installation. You may have a great product, but if it’s not installed correctly, then it won’t last for life.

Our professional installation of not only towel bars, rings hooks or toilet paper holders is highlighted by curved shower rods, bathroom wall glass shelves and tilt pedestal mirrors. Our catalogs or accessory designs by Men will fit everyones needs. Moen is simply the very best, it doesn’t cost more, it’s just the very best.

Handicap grab bars and other requirements are also a speciality of our company. If you have a need for this are of accessories, we can help. It is important that everyone feels comfortable when this need arises. Many of our customers are always so happy when we install a grab bar in the shower (not just for handicap reasons, but for balance).

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Bathroom towel bar and faucet.

Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds has the ability to provide you with custom-sized blinds at no additional cost. So many of our customers always tell us that they didn’t know it does not cost more to get either 2” pro 2 ½” blinds and it doesn’t cost more to have custom-sized width or length blinds installed.

We pride ourselves that “no top clips will show on our valances.” One more thing, our blades will not warp or as they say “smile.” They’re all guaranteed (by the manufacturers) for life.

We demand from our suppliers great costs, great products and timely delivery on our orders. This is why we offer Sun Down, Hunter Douglas and Norman products (Norman even offers their own financing now). They’re the very best. I didn’t say more costly, just the very best.

We are without a single complaint from any of our customers. When the products are installed, they will be installed not only in a timely manner, but by professional installers at no extra cost for installation. Because we install them, they will be done right and you will want to tell others about us. Remember, “it’s who we are.”

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Window Treatments

Bathroom towel bar and faucet.

Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds, uses Norman window treatments. Their fine fabrics and materials can not be matched for durability and quality.

Light has the power to change not just what you see — but how you feel.

With Norman window fashions you’ll be able to master light, shape it and control it.

Use it not only for your most versatile and valuable decorating tool, but as a way to create the peaceful and calming atmosphere your want for your surroundings.

Its endless possibilities are yours to choose from when you choose Norman.

Window shapes and cordless remotes. Shadings and sheers. All possibilities. All are installed at no cost. All have a manufacturers warranty.

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Closet Maid Shelving

Since 1985, Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds, has maintained Closet Maid products as it’s source of shelving for our customers’ requirements. We stand above others as our installation is quite frankly… perfect! We are professionals in the installation of shelving and understand the products and what it takes to install shelves that will last for years to come. For those who like to “do it yourself,” you will leave our location with all of the proper knowledge and exactly what you need to install the shelves. No packaged products here, you get instructions and everything you need.

ClosetMaid Logo Picture of Closet Filled with Clothes.
Over the years we have seen many changes in product lines. We were instrumental in Closet Maids “super slide” shelving design which we still feel is the best possible design in ventilated shelving.

We offer full lines of both Closet Maids wire or ventilated shelving and Melamine (composite wood) programs. Our in house CAD design system enables our customers to see us draw the exact dimensions of their closest and place either wire, Melamine or both closet systems at no cost to our prospective buyer. You’re always welcome to stop by and let us design your closets and remember the coffee is always on.

Tub & Shower Enclosures

Glass Shower Enclosure

Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds, prides itself on the ability to manufacture any type of design that fits your needs for an enclosure.

We use Southeast Aluminum Metal and Arizona Shower Door products because we feel their aluminum is a “cut above.” As with all of our products, if there was one better, we would have it.

When we meet with customers, they sometimes have a need to match their bathrooms. Whether it’s silver, brushed nickel, gold tones, white or oil rubbed bronze, we can provide the right choice as well as about 30 different patterns of tempered glass. It’s all about “choice.”

We were one of the first in our area to be able to provide not only framed or semi-framed enclosures, but unframed or what is know as “heavy glass” enclosures. Our in house glass machinery lets us actually produce the glass with fine edge work needed and then have it tempered. The glass cuts are perfect, the edges now are perfect and after tempering - the job is perfect.

We know you will be thrilled with your installation… and isn’t that what it’s really about.

We know you will be thrilled with your installation… and isn’t that what it’s really about.

Plantation Shutters

Bathroom towel bar and faucet.

Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds has been installing custom plantation shutters for more than 10 years. These window treatments look as good today as they did when installed. One of the nicest features of a plantation shutter is the ability to have them in composite material. Weather, dust or even sun light will not fade or destroy this remarkable material. We have have enough color samples to match any room decor or trim. Woods are also available in any finish.

Norman Shutters is our choice of plantation shutter and all other window treatments. Manufactured warranty is the life-time of the product, meaning they are confident about quality. The warranty is transferrable.

Different “moldings” and “blade sizes” are available at no additional cost. All shutters are professionally installed at no additional cost. Norman has made sure that our pricing is very competitive and even offers financing.

Both Stephen and JW are certified installers. With the manufacturers lead time is only 12 days plus shipping. Each shutter is measured within ⅛” for each window… “custom is everything” when it comes to Benge.

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Commercial Bathroom Stalls.

Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds is able to fulfill your specialty commercial needs.

We furnish and install commercial grade mirrors, handicap mirrors, grab bars, toilet compartments, and Bradley Commercial Bath Accessory Hardware.

Other than commercial grade bathrooms, we also install commercial grade Hunter Douglas Aluminum Blinds which exceed all commercial ADA standards for materials and performance.