Gary Benge

In 1985 Gary Benge of Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds saw the need to provide local builders with quality installation of Closet Maid shelving, vanity mirrors and shower and tub enclosures. Gary felt it was necessary to stay in a small demographic area if service was to be sincere, so he made the decision to service within a 20-mile radius of the original Yulee location which covered Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Callahan, Florida and Kingsland and St. Mary's, Georgia.

During the following years, the need to provide even greater services (for glass and mirror company's throughout all of the southern and eastern coast of Georgia) as well as provide upgraded glass and mirrors for local builders, prompted Gary to purchase glass edging and glass beveling machines. These state of the art glass machines were the first glass machinery to ever come to this country from mainland China.

Between servicing the glass company's needs and still maintaining the high quality installation for builders, Gary needed a bigger facility and decided to build a new 7500 sq ft building, which has become their permanent home located at 218 Haddock Road, Kingsland, Georgia.

Today, Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds services customers with the same degree of quality it was founded on. The business is managed by two of Gary's sons: Stephen (23 years of service) and JW (10 years of service). Gary, Stephen and JW will always provide you with an experience you'll only find with a family owned and operated business.

With the 2015 addition of the glass tempering oven, automatic glass driller and horizontal glass washer puts us in strive of maintaining the “best we could be” modo of producing the finest glass products for our community.

Stephen Benge

Stephen has worked at Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds for 23 continuous years.

From the beginning, Stephen has felt the need to be continuously up to date with current trends, what products are the best and what techniques work the best to give the client the best finished product they can have.

Stephen manages the field operations of the company. He personally oversees every step, from when the raw products come through the doors, to the point when the final product is installed and the customer is happy and satisfied.

Stephen's knowledge of the home building construction industry puts him a "cut above" in areas of expertise pertaining to installation. The client can always be satisfied with Stephen's keen eye for detail, because "if he is satisfied, the customer will be satisfied." The customer can be assured in the fact that it's only the best if Stephen approves it.

Stephens expertise in the 2015 addition of the glass tempering oven, automatic glass drilling machine and horizontal washer let Stephen be well trained in the operational aspect of the machinery with special emphasis on the actual glass production requirements needed to temper the glass.

JW Benge

JW has worked at Benge Custom Specialties, Beveling and Blinds for 10 continuous years. His off-set measuring skills are highlighted by his keen glass cutting ability and his knowledge of perfect cuts in 3/8" and 1/2" glass.

As supervisor of an installation crew, JW maintains precise Closet Maid installation of ventilated and melamine systems.

JW has received special training to become a certified Installer.

With Crystal Line and Signature Pivot shower enclosures, needing that special attention for the perfect job, JW is your man.

JW's prompt attention to detail, product knowledge and expertise on Norman direct connect services as well as field and installation knowledge makes for the perfect combination.

With the new 2015 addition of the glass tempering oven, automatic glass drilling machine and horizontal washer JW took additional training in the maintenance of the new equipment, with operational machinery requiring special three (3) phase electrical currents and more than 50 electrical motors, he makes sure that all equipment is in perfect working order.